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Donny Fiction

Danny Boy
Danny MacIntyre: a natural leader of men and still only 19. A drug habit financed by expert thieving and a girlfriend on every street corner. Doncaster's favourite son.

But on a Tuesday afternoon, beneath the overcast skies of sunny Donny, something very nasty happens. A strange-looking bundle is found floating on the oily surface of the canal. Mutilated beyond belief, the boy didn't die quickly. Danny recognises Gibbsey's handiwork. Gibbsey and the police would both like to have a word with Danny, so in the time-honoured tradition of Donny deadbeats, Danny legs it to London, accompanied by his mates, Decca and Chico Latino.

An allegory for modern times, Danny Boy is a remarkable achievement from a major new literary talent. This is storytelling at its very best, a compelling and absorbing read, shocking, uplifting and unstoppable. And in Danny, Jo-Ann Goodwin has created an urban hero of remarkable stature.
7.99 (20% discount) Order here

Donny History

Aspects of Doncaster
A potted history of Doncaster and surrounding areas.
7.96 (20% discount) Order here

Memories of Doncaster
First hand memories of the Doncaster of yesteryear.
9.99 Order here

Bygone Doncaster Revisited
A pictorial account of Doncaster including highlights from the Coronation Pageant of 1937 and the Doncaster Plant Works Centenary.
11.99 Order here

Doncaster's Town and Country Houses

9.99 Order here

Donny Sport

Kevin Keegan
The autobiography of the former England manager, Liverpool & Newcastle legend, and rejected-by-Rovers schoolboy...
5.59 (20% discount) Order here

Cricket in Doncaster and District
A small potted history of the foundations of cricket in the region.
1.75 Order here

Bremner ! The Legend of Billy Bremner
The late Billy Bremner starred first as the piston of the great Leeds United football machine of the 1960s and 70s, and captain of the dazzling Scotland team in its finest hour before managing Doncaster Rovers and taking them to their last promotion...
5.59 (20% off) Order here

Bizarre Donny

Local Ghost Trails
Alleged ghost trails through south yorkshire including a few in Donny.
5.99 Order here

Donny Legends

Lesley Garrett
Cassette version of the Doncaster Diva's autobiography.
7.19 (20% discount) Order here

A Bear Called Paddington
Michael Bond's marmalade loving bear, originally produced in Woodlands.
3.19 Order here

Flushed With Pride
The story of Thomas Crapper, alleged inventor of the toilet, of Hatfield.
5.99 hardback Order here

Jeremy Clarkson: Born to be Riled
Jeremy Clarkson's journalism to date, from his "Top Gear" and "Sunday Times" articles. They transcend the framework of motoring to offer acute observations about people, places and the way we live.
5.59 (20% discount) Order here

Donny Transport

Doncaster Railways
Railways of Doncaster.
9.99 Order here

Finningley Finale [1995]
This programme marks the passing of an RAF station and the end of a famous airshow. For 35 years the RAF Finningley airshow was a highlight of the aviation calendar. Compiled from archive sources, the works of local enthususiasts, and the official airshow videos.
11.99 Order here

The A1
Running the 400-odd miles between London and Edinburgh and right through Doncaster, the A1 is Britain's backbone. This book is a photographic portrait of life on the road. Jon Nicholson's mission is to find out what makes the people living and travelling along Britain's oldest and longest highway tick. Fuelled by a combination of petrol and all-day breakfasts, his journey takes him through a land of extremes, in both culture and terrain, from the genteel to the gritty and from the rolling to the rugged. The text by acclaimed travel writer Nigel Richardson captures the road spot-on, and is the ideal introduction to Nicholson's pictures.
11.99 (20% discount) Order here

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