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Doncaster Features: Pigot's Trades and Professions Directory: 1830


DONCASTER, a borough and market town, in the parish of that name, in the wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill, and in the liberty of the honour of Pontefract, is 158 miles from London, 51 from Manchester, 37 from York, 18 from Sheffield, and 15 from Pontefract. The town is pleasantly situated on the south bank of the river Don, from which it derives its name, and the great north road from London to Edinburgh passes through its whole length, the inhabitants deriving considerable advantage from the never-ceasing intercourse kept up on this road. The High or
main street, for length, width and beauty, is allowed to be the best on the road betwixt the two capitals; this noble street is about a mile in length, from the Hallcross
on the south, to the Mill bridge on the north. The mansion-house, which is a superb building, is a great ornament to this handsome street; the foundation was laid in the year 1744: in 1800 it was repaired and the edifice raised. The mayor, three justices and the town clerk attend in this building every Monday morning, to hear and determine upon all complaints brought by the inhabitants of the borough.
The concerts and balls, during the races and at other times, are held in the mansion-house. The church, dedicated to St. George, stands on the site of the old
castle, and is the only church in the town; it is a majestic edifice, but there is no certainty of the time of its erection; it is evident that one part of the church was
built at a different period to the other, and that the east end was built in the reign of William the Conqueror, by the date 1071 being on an old stone taken out of the
east end, about six years since, when the church was repaired. The tower, which is extremely elegant, and from its architecture shows it to have been built as a later
period, probably during the reign of Henry III, when a great number of our handsome churches were erected. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Archbishop of York, and incumbency of the Rev. John Sharpe. Another, to be called Christ church, is building, at the expense of the late John Jarratt, Esq. who munificently gave £13,000 for the erection and endowment of the same. The other
places of worship are appropriated to the rise of Presbyterians, independent, Wesleyan and primitive Methodists and Quakers, who have each a chapel. The
charitable institutions are a dispensary, established in the year 1792; a poor-house, established about 1719; a school of industry opened in 1799; Sunday schools, etc.
St Thomas’s hospital, which was erected and endowed by Thomas Ellis, Esq. in the year 1588, with an estate, worth at that period only £10 per year, now brings £256
per annum. The town hall is a neat and plain building, situated in the Market-place and is surmounted by the figure of justice; the principal corporation business is
transacted in this edifice and where the records are also kept. The theatre is a neat building with a portico in front and stands neat to the town hall. The first charter of incorporation was granted by Richard I; the body consists of a mayor, recorder, town-clerk, twelve aldermen and twenty-four common councilmen; the three senior alderman being empowered to act as justices of the
peace. The sessions for the borough and soke of Doncaster are held quarterly at the town-hall; where are also held the sessions for the wapentake of Strafforth and
Tickhill once a year, in January, and a court of requests for the recovery of debts under 40s. the first Thursday in every month. It does not appear that this has ever
been noted as a manufacturing town, or a place of peculiar trade, except retail. The corn trade is carried on here to some extent, and there is a carpet and sacking
manufactory now at work. The inhabitants pay no assessment for lighting and paving the streets, as the corporation keep them in excellent order at their own expense. The town of Doncaster, for beauty and salubrity, the excellent roads, and the delightful promenades, may perhaps vie with any town in the kingdom; the environs too are remarkably pleasant, and on the western side truly picturesque.
Besides these local advantages, this town possesses another benefit, paramount in splendour and attraction in its kind, to any other in the island, this is the races.
The race ground perhaps stands unrivalled; and the grand stand, built at the expense of the corporation, for its elegance and accommodation is not to be excelled. The corporation patronize these sports munificently; there is His Majesty’s plate of 100 guineas; and the stewards give a gold cup of the like value. The St. Ledger stakes in particular excite a lively interest among the rotaries of the turf in every part of the kingdom. The races are generally held the third week in September, and continue four days, affording considerable emolument to the town.
The market day is on Saturday, and there are two fairs in the year, viz. 5th of April and 5th of August, for cattle, horses, sheep, and woollen cloth. The population of the borough of Doncaster, by the parliamentary census for 1821, contained 8,544 inhabitants, and including the soke of Doncaster, 9,527.

BALBY, a township, in the soke of Doncaster, one mile s.w. of that town, is remarkable as one of the places where the celebrated George Fox, the founder of the society of friends, with his followers, held their first meeting, and where they suffered persecutions as severe as they were unmerited. The number of inhabitants in the township in 1821, amounted to about 400.

BENTLEY, a village, in the parish of Arksey, in the same division and wapentake as Doncaster, is one mile and a half therefrom. In the parish is a large free school
for boys, and twelve alms-houses for the benefit of as many poor widows. The population of the parish, in 1821, was 1,171.

POST OFFICE, High street, William Sheardown, Post Master – Letters to LONDON are despatched by the mail from Edinburgh at twelve minutes after eleven, and ten
minutes before twelve in the forenoon by the mail from Glasgow, and arrive at two in the afternoon, by the Edinburgh mail, and five minutes after two, by the mail to
Glasgow.- Letters are despatched to EDINBURGH every afternoon at two, and to Glasgow, at five minutes after two.- Letters to YORK, DONCASTER, THORNE,
SNAITH, SELBY, &c. at half past two in the afternoon, and arrive at a quarter before eleven in the morning.

Abbey Mrs. Elizabeth, Silver St
Abraham Mrs.Ann. Spring Gardens
Ackers Jos. gent. Spring Gardens
Adlam Captain Wm. Bennet Thorp
Ainley John, gent. Spring Gardens
Aldan Mrs. Jane, Hall cross
Archard John, gent. Spring gardens
Artis Edmd. Tyrrell,gent Hall gate
Beckett Mrs. Mary, Hall gate
Beckitt Mrs. Harriet, St.George gt
Bell Mrs. Ann, Hall gate
Bosville Mrs.Frances, Nether hall
Bower Henry, gent. Hall gate
Bulmer Mrs. Frs.St. Sepulchre gate
Burks Mrs. Ann, Hall gate
Burley Mrs Hannah, Hall gate
Butterill John, gent. Bennet Thorp
Casson Benjamin, gent.Baxter gate
Cator Rev.C. Skelbro’ hall
Childers Mrs. High street
Clark Miss Elizth. Spring gardens
Clarke Mrs. Susannah, French gate
Cooke John Yarborough, esq -
Campsall Mount grange
Cooke Mrs. Catherine, Alverley
Cooke Rev. Alex. Loversall hall
Cooke Sir William Bryan, bart.
Wheatley Hall
Cookin Richard, gent. Hall gate
Cooper Wm. gent. St.Sepulchre gate
Copley Sir Jos. bart. Sprotborough hall
Crowther R.Wood, gent. Bennet Thorp
Cuthbert Mrs. Mary, Hall cross 212
Cuthbert Rev.Wm Bennet Thorp
Daniel Mrs. Alice, Spring gardens
Denison Edmd.Beckett, esq. Hall gt
Dey Mrs. Elizth. Spring gardens
Dodsworth Mrs. Agnes, Wood st
Dransfield Rev. James, Hall cross
Dyson Stephen, gent. Silver st
Earnshaw Mrs. Martha, Hall cross
Edmunds Francis, Offley, esq.
Ellison Mrs. John, Hall cross
Elmsall Captain, Woodlands
Elston Misses Cath & Betsy, Hall gt
England Mrs. Elizth. Spring gardens
Evans Mrs. Melene, Wood st
Falconar Jas. esq. St. George gate
Ferries Miss Julia, Hall gate
Firth Messdms. Ann & F. Hall cross
Forster Rev. John, South parade
Forth John, gent. Bennet Thorp
Foster John, gent. Bellmount
Foster Mrs. Mary, Wood st
Fountayne Wm. esq. M.P. West Melton
Franks Miss Cath. Bellmount cotge
Fromer Mrs. Ann, Hall gate
Haigh Wm. gent. West field
Hale Mrs. Elizabeth, Hall cross
Hallifax Mrs. Sarah, Hall cross
Hardy Mrs. Elizabeth, Hall gate
Harrison Mrs. Sarah, French gate
Heaton Miss Ann, Hall gate
Hicks Mrs. Hannah, Spring gardens
Higgins Godfrey esq. Skellow grange
Hill Mrs. Mary, Horse fair
Hobson Miss Sarah, Spring gardens
Hodgson Mrs. Hall cross
Holmes Mrs. Eliz. St. Sepulchre gt
Holmes Thos. gent. Spring gardens
Hopkinson Mrs. St. James’ cottage
Hull Major. Bennet Thorp
Hunt Mrs. Martha, Bennet Thorp
Huntriss Wm. gent. Hall gate
Jackson Mrs. Harriet, South parade
Jenkinson Mrs. Spring gardens
Jenkinson St. Sepulchre gt
Jennings Mrs. Sarah, Union st
Kempsall Mrs. Mary, Spring gardens
King William, gent. Factory lane
Lawrence Mrs. Melene, Hall gate
Leake Chas. gent. Spring Gardens
Leggitt Robt. gent. Spring gardens
Lilley Mrs. Mary, Spring gardens
Littlewood Mrs. Sarah, Pell st
Littlewood Richard, gent. Hall gate
M’Gill Captain Henry, Hall gate
Marratt Wm. gent. Bennet Thorp
Marsh Mrs.Eliza. Hall gate
Martin Benj. gent. South parade
Martin George, esq. Sandal grove
Mason Mrs.Mary, Spring gardens
Mawe Frederick,esq. Hall gate
Mawe Mrs. John, Bennet Thorp
Miall Mrs. Grace, Spring gardens
Moore Mesdames, Hall gate
Morley Mrs. Olivia, High st
Mountain Mrs. Spring gardens
Mountain Sepulchre gate
Padgit William, gent. Silver st
Parker George, esq. Street Thorp
Pearon John, esq. South parade
Pearson Mrs. Mary, Bennet Thorp
Pickering Wm. gent. Bennet Thorp
Pilkington Henry, esq. Park lane
Platts Rev. John, Hall gate
Plowes Mrs. Ann, Hall gate
Popplewell gardens
Powell Rev.Thos. Spring gardens
Radcliffe Lady, Elm field
Radcliffe Sir Joseph, bart. Campsall
Radley Mrs. Marth, Spring gardens
Ramsden Mrs. J. Hall cross
Raney Rev. Joseph, Spring gardens
Raper Lieut. Wm. Marsh gate
Rawson Captain Wm. Hall cross
Richard Thomas, gent. High st
Rowe Rec. Thos. Spring gardens
Sanderson Captain Robt. Hall gate
Sanderson Rev.J. Bennet Thorp
Scorah Jerh. gent. Spring gardens
Sharpe Rev. John, Vicarage
Shore Offley, esq. Hall cross
Simpson Mrs. Elizabeth, Hall cross
Simpson Mrs. Mary, Hall gate
Sinclair Mrs. Mary, Spring gardens
Singleton Thos. gent. Spring gardens
Smith Wm. gent. Hall gate
Southeran Mrs Catherine, Hall gate
Spooner Mrs. Ann, Spring gardens
Stacey Mrs. Mary, Spring gardens
Stanton Mrs.Ann, Hall cross
Sturgess John, esq. South parade
Swift Mrs. Spring gardens
Tew Edward, esq. South parade
Tummond Robert, gent. Hall gate
Turner Mrs. Margaret, Union st
Tyas Rickard, gent. South parade
Vavasour Mrs. Sarah, Hall gate
Webster Mrs. Elizabeth. Balby
White John, esq. South parade
Whitworth Miss, St. Sepulchre gate
Whilley Mrs. Ann, St. George gate
Woodcock Mrs. Mary, High st
Worsop Mrs. Mary A. Hall gate
Wrightman Rev. James, Bilby
Wrightson William, esq. Cusworth
Younge John, gent.

High st buildings

Not otherwise described are day schools

Allison John, St. Sepulchre gate
Atkinson Mar, Spring gardens
Bailey George, Corn market
Barton Hannah, (Ladies boarding)
South parade (Church gates)
Brailsford Mrs. (ladies boarding)
Cooke Ann Maria (ladies boardg)Hall cross
Cuthbert Rev. Wm. (gent’s boarding)
Bennet Thorp
Ellis Rev. Wm. (gents’ boarding) Hall gate
Graham Robert (gents’ boarding)
Doncaster bridge
Haugh Mrs. (ladies’ boarding) Hall cross
King Rev. Wm. Factory lane

NATIONAL SCHOOL (boys’ and girls’)
West Laith gate – Robert Ellis, master –
Ann Burgau, mistress
Nield Sarah, Ellekar street
Peacock Sarah (ladies’ boarding)
Pilley Ann, Printing Office st
Rogerson James (gents’ boarding) Race
Sharpe Rev. John (gents’ boarding)

(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents)

Clarke Lawrence (to Sir William Cooke)
Sunny bar
Dennison Rd. (to the corporation) High st
Kilner Wm. (to the River Don Co) L Sandal
Martin Wm. (to Gas Co.) Princess st
Spurr Jas. (to John Morton, paper maker)
French gate
Stead Jas. (to Benj. Wilson of Leeds for
ship timber, &c.) Holmes


Woodhead & Hurst, Hall cross and
South parade


Auckland Wm. Jackson, French gate
Boulton John, High st
Dey Wm. Clafton, Union st
Etches Williamson, Factory lane
Sheardown Wm. High st
Tilburn Richard, Hall gate
Webb Thomas, High st

(See also Flour Dealers)

Armitage Geo. Doncaster bridge
Bennett James, Meal lane
Brown Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
Brown Wm. jun. Fisher gate
Butterell James. Market place
Hirst Richard, Marsh gate
Knapton William, Priness st
Parkinson Samuel, High st
Priest Thos. French gate
Sidney Geo. Spring gardens
Storrs William, Scot lane
Tasker John, New street
Teal John, Silver street
Thornelow Mary, St Sepulchre gate
Till William, Corn market
Waller John, Goose hill
Wolstenholme George, High st
Wright John, Doncaster bridge


Cooke Sir William Bryan and Co. High
street – (draw on Coutts & Co. London)
Leatham, Tew, Trueman, Tew and Co.
High st ( draw on Joseph Dennison & Co.


Herod Thos. Baxter gate
Nicholson Geo. Sugden, New st
Walker Thomas, High st


Conway Matthew, Marsh gate
Crowther George, Meal lane
Downing William, Silver st
Fitzgeorge Edw. jun. Warmsworth
Fitzgeorge Edward, sen. Balby
Fitzgeorge John, Loversall
Hind Edward, Silver st
Lilford Richard, Bentley
Myers Wm. Graham’s yd French gate
Nassean John, Sprotboro
Oldfield Jno. Graham’s yd French gt
Richardson John, Old Chapel yard
Stevens Edward, East Laith gate
Taylor William, Printing Office st
Thompson Henry, Silver st


Benson Stephen, Doncaster bridge


Darley & Co. Doncaster bridge
Jackson Thomas, Duke st
Pillin Robert, Fisher gate
Pollard John, Doncaster bridge
Robinson Geo. & Co. Fisher gate
Tinkler George, Doncaster bridge


Brooke, Hatfield & Co. High st
Thomas James, Hall gate
Waite Edmund, Hall gate
White Chas. & Jas. Baxter gate


Abby Richd. St. Peters square
Addey James, Goose hill
Aldam Thomas, Hall gate
Bradley John, Church lane
Burskill Thos. East Laith gate
Cartman William, Hall gate
Chambers Wm. Baxter gate
Dodson Thomas, Bentley
Fitzgeorge Wm. Balby
Fogg George, Duke st
Green John, Hall gate
Guest John, Union st
Heaton William, Goose hill
Hodgson Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
Humphfreys John, Meal lane
Jarratt Richd. St. Sepulchre gate
John George, Bentley
Justice Charles, Baxter gate
Kitchingman John, High st
Knowles Thos. Goose hill
Marsh Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
Moverley Wm. French gate
Nance Thos. Silver street
Parkinson Geo. French gate
Pawson Thos. Baxter gate
Pickman Christopher, Silver st
Quarton Robt. (carpet shoe manuf)
Three Cranes yard, French gate
Ravenhill John, Baxter gate
Reasbeck Wm. St. James’ st
Reed John, French gate
Richardson Jonathon, Balby
Shaw William, Balby
Simpson Richard, Bentley
Slingsby Wm. Spring gardens
Smith Robt, Printing Office street
Turner Francis, Scot lane
Wainwright Geo, Sprotbro’
Walker Charles, Balby
Watson George, Warmsworth
Wells Robert, Baxter gate
Whaley Francis, High street
Wilson William, Church st
Wright John, High street


Farr Robt. Baxter gate
Hutchinsop John, Goose hill
Laverack David, Baxter gate
Smith & Wharham, High st
Stoker John, East Laith gate
Thirlwall Robert, Magdalen’s


Armfield John, St Sepulchre gate
Pullon William, French gate
Stone John, Horse fair


Abbot Charles, Marsh gate
Abbot Christopher, Baxter gate
Abbot Joseph, Friendless st
Addy George, Bentley
Broughton Thomas, Bentley
Brown James, New st
Brown Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
Brown William, jun. Fisher gate
Bullas John, French gate
Bullass Matthew, Shambles
Columbine John, Silver st
Credland William, Baxter gate
Dale George, Spring gardens
Dawson Robert, St. Sepulchre gate
Dodson Samuel, St. Sepulchre gate
Elwess John, St. Sepulchre gate
Foster Joseph, St. Sepulchre gate
Haigh Charles, Magdalen’s
Hall Thomas, Goose hill
Heppenstall Joseph, Silver st
Hewitt John, St. Sepulchre gate
Hirst Michael, St. Sepulchre gate
Huddlestone James, St. James’ st
Marcroft William, Sprotboro
Mason John, Fisher gate
Moorhouse Fredk. St. Sepulchre gate
Moorhouse Nathl. St. Sepulchre gate
Pearson Martha, French gate
Rich Thomas, French gate
Silvester John, Goose hill
Stainton John, jun. Hall gate
Stenton John, Hall gate
Stenton Joseph, Hall gate
Thompson Joseph, Baxter gate
Wood John, Warmsworth


Belk Vincent, Hall gate
Bradford John, French gate
Crowther Joseph, Bennet Thorp
Leggott Thomas, Scot lane
Martin John, Wood st
Robeshaw Levi, St. Sepulchre gate
Walker Thomas, French gate


Catley James, Factory lane
Bunning James, St George gate
Everitt John, High street
Wightman Thos. High st


Green Wm. Baxter gate
Horsley Philip, Baxter gate
Waller John, Goose hill


Liddell Robert, High street
Taylor Robert, Butter cross
Ward Richard, Shambles


Atkinson Horatio, High street
Barton John, Scot lane
Dunwell Charles, Goose hill
Torr John & Robert, Butter cross
Walker George Clark, High street
Wright Thomas, High street


Birkinshaw Thomas, Magdalen’s
Foster Jno. (& rag dealer) Baxter gt
Senior John, Baxter gate


Clement Thomas, French gate
Fretwell Jas. St. Sepulchre gate
Reed & Seaton, St. Sepulchre gate
Tirpin & Armitage, Ellekar st


Hirst Richard, Marsh gate
Holmes George, Corn market
Mason Richard, Marsh gate
Minskip John, Doncaster bridge
Naylor Luke, Fisher gate
Newton John, Lockwood’s row
Pillin Robert, Fisher gate
French gate
Raney James, West Laith gate
Raney John, West Laith gate
Reed & Ward, Fisher gate
Robinson George & Co. Fisher gate
Tinkler George, Doncaster bridge
Tootle Margaret, Marsh gate


Birley Joseph, High st
Crowder Sarah, French gate
Drury & Lamb, Baxter gate
Lyster Elizabeth, Hall gate
Nares Robert, Spring gardens
Parkinson Samuel (and dealer in
British wines) High street
Priest Thomas, French gate
Thorneloe Mary, St. Sepulchre gate
Walker Dorothy, French gate


Herod Thomas, Baxter gate
Martin Robt. St. Sepulchre gate
Nicholson George Sugden, New st
Stevenson Joseph, Goose hill


Armitage Geo. Doncaster bridge
Bergen Benjamin, St. James’ st
Elland Thomas, Spring gardens
Glossop William, Corn market
Hall George, Hall cross
Marshall John, French gate
Mason Christopher Greenwood,Bridge hse
Otley Wm. Henry, Silver st
Ridgall Richard, Fisher gate
Robinson George & Co. Fisher gate
Sorsby Joseph, Corn market
Thorpe George, Corn market
Wright John, Doncaster bridge
Young Thomas, French gate


Armitage George, Doncaster bridge
Bennett James, Meal lane
Birch John Sprotbro’
Hopkinson Jos. St. Sepulchre gate
Walker William, Bentley
Wright John, Doncaster bridge


Allinson Jonathon, Market place
Battie John, French gate
Casson Benjamin, Baxter gate
Cobb Thomas, Baxter gate
Millward John, Pell street
Stockil William, French gate
Wragg Jonathon, Baxter gate


Milner John, Scot lane
Hurst Joseph, Thomas st


Brown Elizabeth, St. Sepulchre gt
Cooper Saml. (apparel) Factory lane
Ward Thos. & John, Marsh gate


Batty John, French gate
England Richard, Fisher gate


CROWN (life) John & Thos. Pearson,Scot ln
EAGLE (Life) Rev. John Platts, Hall gt
IMPERIAL, Ths. Wright, French gate
LEEDS, Samuel Hepper, High st
NORWICH UNION, Jas. Alexander,
St George gate
PELICAN (life) Mason & Collinson,
St George gate
PHOENIX, Charles & James White,
Baxter gate
ROYAL EXCHANGE, Wm Sheardown,High st
SHEFFIELD, Richard Wellborne,
French gate
SUN, Fredk. Fisher, High st bldngs
YORK & YORKSHIRE, Chas.Tootle,
Hall gate


Dawson Samuel, Baxter gate
Lowther William, Magdalen’s
Scales William, High st


Bradford Ann, Silver st
Salmon Henry, Sand pits
Tattersall William, French gate
Teal David, Solver street
Worstenholme George, High st


Foulston Saml. St. Sepulchre gate
Lyon Sarah, French gate


Aitken William, Corn market
Barton John, Scot lane
Birley Joseph, High street
Clark John, Corn market
Clark Joseph & Timothy, High st
Cockie Richard (and seedsman)
Corn market
Dale Richard, Baxter gate
Drabwell John, Baxter gate
Drury & Lamb, Baxter gate
Fearnley Thomas, Goose hill
Hall Henry, St. Sepulchre gate
Harrison & Neild, High street
Lyster Elizabeth, Hall gate
Oxley Thomas, High st
Parkinson Samuel, High st
Pigott Michael, Goose hill
Tattershall William, French gate
Tummond Frederick, High st
Wragg Francis, French gate


Cartmel & Son (patent) High st
Harson Sarah, Goose hill


Battie George, Silver st
Brook Matt. St. Sepulchre gate
Bullass Thomas, Shambles
Clayton Joseph, Magdalen’s
Davidson John, Shambles
Eyre George, St. Sepulchre gate
Judson Charles, Factory lane
Kent George, Marsh gate
Myers Sarah, High st
Newby Nathan, St. Sepulchre gate
Pawson William, Goose hill
Routh Richard, French gate
Seekings Thomas, Silver st
Senior Edwin, French gate
Senior John, Baxter gate
Wilson Richard, French gate

Marked thus* are Manufacturers.

Addingley William, Baxter gate
Andrew Robert, Scot lane
Chatham William, High st
Duncan James, French gate
Goodwin Arthur (silk mercer) High street
Harrison & Neild, High st
Hepper Saml. (& hosier ) High st
*Milner Robt. (& furrier ) French gt
*Turner John, Baxter gate
Wharton Thos. Blowfield, High st


Higgins & Thomas, Corn market
Thorp John, Sunny bar


Clarkson Thomas, Marsh gate
Clough Francis, Scot lane
Crossley John, French gate
Field John, French gate
Jackson John, St. Sepulchre gate
Naylor Thomas, Baxter gate
Turner John, High street
Waring Richard, Shambles
Wharton Thos. Blowfield, High st


Black boy, George Wiglesworth,French gt
Mail Coach, Ths. Boston, French gt
New Angel, George Dunhill, High st
Old Angel, Sarah Belcher, French gt
Ram, William Laughton, High st
Red Lion, Ed. Auckland, Magdalen’s
Rein Deer, Mary Belcher, Hall gate
Woolpack, John Nicholson, New st


Cartmell & Co. French gate
Copley Benjamin, Doncaster bridge
Heppenstall John, High st buildings
Heppenstall Thomas, Silver street
Turton Matthew, Marsh gate


Aldred John, French gate
Cartmell & Co. French gate


Aldred John, French gate
Elliott Giles, Baxter gate
Farr Robert, Baxter gate
Hopkin & Myers, High st
Hutchinson John, Goose hill
Smith & Wharham, High st
Taylor Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
Thirlwall Robert, Magdalen’s


Barber Edward, Printing Office st
Bradford John, St. French gate
Burgin John. St. Sepulchre gate
Cade George, St. Sepulchre gate
Clark William, Bower’s fold
Denton Nathan, Bennet Thorp
Foster Aaron, Marsh gate
Foster Mary, Silver st
Galloway George, Duke st
Harrop George, West Laithe gate
Hawe Thomas (& builder) Duke st
Hudson Josh. (& builder) Elleker st
Leggott Thomas, Scot laner
Parkinson Joseph, Church st
Priest Richd. & John, Old Chapel yd
Reasbeck John, Fisher gate
Rymer Joseph, Spring gardens
Teal Joseph, French gate
Travis Stephen, Silver st
Wood Robert, Holmes yard


Alexander James, St. George’s gate
Sanderson Henry, Chatham place
Simpson William, Loversall


Burton Samuel & John, High st
Clarke Thomas, New st
Clough Francis, Scot lane
Crawshaw Joseph, Scot lane
Field John, French gate
Hampson Anthony. Baxter gate
Jackson John, St. Sepulchre gate
Maw & Barker, High st
Mirfin Jno. & Chs. Flower, Baxter gt
Siddall Catherine, Butter cross
Sykes George & Co. Goose hill
Warign Richard, Shambles
Wigham Cuthbert, Magdalen’s
Wilton Matthew, Goose hill


Cartmell & Co. French gate
Heppenstall Jno. High st buildings
Heppenstall Thomas (and patent
straw cutter) Silver st
Hopkins & Myers (& wire workers)
High st
Turton Matthew (and Millwright)
Marsh gate


Carlton William, Corn market
Cockin George, Bentley
Cockin Richard, New st
Gilson Geo. (& brewer) Baxter gate
Glossop William, Corn market
Hall George, Sprotbro’
Leach Eli, Fisher gate
Mason Christr. Greenwood,
Bridge houses
Ogley Francis, French gate
Prescott Henry, Marsh gate
Smith George, French gate
Thorpe George, Corn market
Timm Nicholas, Shambles
Walker Edward, Warmsworth
Watson William, Corn market


Clarkson Thos. (worsted) Marsh gt
Crossley Jno. (worsted) French gate
Crowther Zephaniah (woollen and
draper) Corn market
Earnshaw Richard (sacking)
Factory lane
Johnson Matt. (canvas) Fisher gate
Taylor Rich. (carpets) Doncaster bdg

Marked thus* are Dress Makers only.

*Allan Sarah, Bennet Thorp
*Armstead Mary, East Laith gate
*Badger Jane, St. Peter’s square
*Barnard Hannah, Princes st
*Barraclough Mary, Spring gardens
*Brown Hannah, Silver st
*Camm Jane, Hall gate
*Chapman Avis, Three Cranes yard
*Eyre Martha, Sunny bar
Farrar Ann, French gate
Grubb Alice, Bennet Thorp
Hewitt Cath. Charlotte, Wood st
Jackson Mary, Ann and Harriet,
Hall gate
*Jarratt Maria, Little Pell st
*Jewitt Sarah, Silver st
*Kirby Eiizabeth, Marsh gate
*Kirby Ellen, Silver st
Knowles Mary Ann, Goose hill
Peat Ann & Elizabeth, High st
*Robinson Elizabeth, French gate
*Sparling Sarah, Scot lane
Swallow & Bower, Hall gate
*Whalley Emma, Chatham place
*Whitford Ann, Duke st
*Wragg Harriet, Printing Office st
Wright & Watkinson, Market place
*Yeates Louisa, King st


Aldred John, French gate
Aldred Rd. (& patten) French gate
Child Joseph, St. Peter’s square
Moxon Samuel, St. Sepulchre gate


Bingley Richard, Balby
Crowcroft Thomas, Hall gate
Crowder Wm. Botanic nursery,
Sand pits
Crowther John Law, Bennet Thorp
Crowther Wm. Law, French gate
Ellison William, Hall gate
Gouldin Saml. & Son, Silver st
Hall Abraham, St. Sepulchre gate
Milan John, Baxter gate
Rushby William, French gate
Wheater Richard, Scot lane
Wood George, St. Sepulchre gate


Atkinson Horatio, High st


Alley & Rushby, Silver st
Boston Thomas, French gate
Bunning Jas. (ornamental painter)
St George gate
Everitt John, High street
Goulding Samuel &Son, Silver st
Harrison George, High st
Hawley John, Hall gate
Jackson Joseph, Market place
Wightman Thomas, High st


Chorley Edward, Green house
Robinson John, Hall gate


Hodgson Thomas, West Laith gate
Sadler William, Silver st


Higgins Richd. St. Sepulchre gate
Jackson Samuel, St. George gate
Mandall Thos. Robinson, Scot lane
Pearson John, Silver street
Wakefield William, French gate


Brailsford Isaac (music) Church gts
Gantier Pierre Louis (French)
Printing Office street
Herring John (portrait painter)
Elleker street
Morine Timothy (dancing) Spring
gardens and St.James’ street
Savage John dancing) French gate
Smith Thos. (music) Cartwright st
Snett John (music) South parade
Webb Thos. (drawing) High st
Wragg David (music) French gate


Carlton Wm. (and sacking and
tarpawlin makers) Market place
Cooper William, Fisher gate
Hanson George, St. Sepulchre gate
Johnson Matthew (and manufacturer
of canvas) Fisher gate
Rooth John, Sunny bar
Somerset Thomas, Magdalen’s
Wright Samuel (& nets) New st


Cockin Thomas, Baxter gate
England Richard, High st
Hawk James, New st
Hukin George, High st
Liddell Robert, High st
Merryweather John, High st
Thompson Richard, French gate


Drabwell John, Baxter gate
Pillin Robert, Fisher gate
Robinson Geo, & Co. Fisher gate


Acroyd Jane, Bentley
Aldred Martha, French gate
Archer Eliz. French gate
Armfield John, St. Sepulchre gate
Atkinson Wm. Duke street
Barratt Jane. New street
Barrow Wm. Silver street
Barton Daniel, St. Sepulchre gate
Birley Wm. Baxter gate
Booth George, Marsh gate
Brailsford Eliz. Fisher gate
Brailsford Richmond, Princes st
Broadhead Chas. Marsh gate
Brooksbank Watson Jno. Shambles
Brown Wm. Fisher gate
Brown Wm. St Sepulchre gate
Butterell James, Market place
Cade Mary, French gate
Colbeck Samuel, Sprotbro’
Cook Wm. Long Sandal
Cotton Mary, French gate
Cotton Thos. East Laith gate
Coxon Stephen, Black Swan yard
Creaser Thos. Scot lane
Cusworth Wm. French gate
Dawson Thos. Bennet Thorp
Drury George, Fisher gate
Ellin John, West Laith Gate
Foster Thos. St. Sepulchre gate
Fox John, Woodthorp
Gelder Diana, Marsh gate
Green Wm. Baxter gate
Hague Ruth, Scot lane
Hawarth Ann, East Laith gate
Hawksworth John, St Peter’s sq
Heaton Mary, Baxter gate
Holbrey Eliz. Bennet Thorp
Holding Elizabeth, High st
Horsley Phillip, Baxter gate
Hutton Geo. St. Sepulchre gate
Jaques James, Princes st
Julian John, Shambles
Kay John, Bentley
Knapton Wm. French gate
Law Joseph, Union st
Law Robert, Marsh gate
Littlewood Richd. Bower’s fold
Machin James, Sprotbro’
Milward Luke, Spring gardens
Moate Wm. East Laith gate
Moody George, King st
Morton Sarah, St. Sepulchre gate
Moss Matt. St. Sepulchre gate
Moulson David, Pell st
Nares Wm. Spring gardens
Oxley Ann, Marsh gate
Pullon Robert, Goose hill
Raney John, French gate
Raney Mary, Bower’s fold
Reed Mary, French gate
Robertshaw Matth. Spring gardens
Robinson Elizabeth, New st
Robinson Geo. St. Sepulchre gate
Seaton Rebecca, Bentley
Senior John, Spring gardens
Shiers Mary, French gate
Slack Geo. St. Peter’s square
Stones Samuel. Bentley
Taylor John, French gate
Terrel Patrick, Baxter gate
Thornton James, Hall gate
Thorp Daniel, Marsh gate
Tootle Margaret, Marsh gate
Traviss Jas. Robinson’s row
Wales Geo. East Laith gate
Waller John, Goose hill
Wheen Thos. Marsh gate
Wilburn John, Spring gardens
Woodward John, Baxter gate


Bright Philip, High st
Kyezor Lewis, French gate


Bramworth Amelia, French gate
Downing Mary, St. Sepulchre gate
Marsh George, St. Sepulchre gate
Morris Nathaniel, Scot lane


Bell John, Holmes yard
Lee Henry, Silver street
Lister Robert & Charles, Silver st
Lockwood Joseph, Silver st
Murgatroyd James, East Laith gate
Tomlin Thomas, King st
Waterworth Thos. St. Sepulchre gate


Fowlston Mary, High st
Lawrence Mary. St. Sepulchre gate
Procter Maria, Market place
Senior Ann, Thomas st
Siddall Sarah, Goose hill
Smith Catherine, Baxter gate
Smith Martha, Printing Office st
Stannell Ann, French gate
Taylor Elizabeth, Marsh gate
Waring Sarah, French gate


Branson John, Hall Cross house
Holbrey William, French gate
Moore John, Hall gate
Morey John Eagleton, High st
Raeburn & Hay, High st
Pearson Nathaniel, Dispensary
Rickard John, St. George gate
Sheppard John, Balby
Storrs, Robert, St. Sepulchre gate

Marked thus * are also Drapers.

*Andrews Robert, Scot lane
Bolton Richard, Sprotbro’
Boyd Thomas, Cross st
Bradley Thomas, Fisher gate
Briggs Williams, Little Bell st
Brookes George, Pell st
Broughton William, Bentley
Chatham William, High st
Clarkson Timothy, Church st
Crosley William, French gate
Dancer Thos.Wm. Spring gardens
*Dickinson Thomas, Ellerker st
*Duncan Edward, Baxter gate
Fretwell James, Scot lane
Garland Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
Graham William, Scot lane
Grimshaw John, New st
Hanson James, St. Sepulchre gate
Holbrey Thomas, Hall gate
Hope William, New st
Howells John, St. Sepulchre gate
Jackson William, St. Peter’s square
Marsh George, St. Sepulchre gate
Mason James, Scot lane
Naylor John, Marsh gate
Pickering Thomas, Silver st
Powell William, Scot lane
Scott John, East Laith gate
Simpson Wm. Mail Coach yard
Swallow John, Baxter gate
Todd Christopher, Hall gate
Tymms Thos. Spring gardens
Womack William, Hall gate
Wood James, St. Sepulchre gate
*Wood Thomas, High street
Woodhouse James, Bentley
Woodward John, Baxter gate
Wright Thomas, Silver street


Clark John, Corn market
Farrow John, Foundry yard French gate
Fearnley Thomas, Goose hill


Clark Joseph, Fisher gate
Clark William, Balby
Holmes Thos. (& tawer) Church st
Sanderson Richard, Balby


Barrel, Luke Crawshaw. Warmsworth
Bay Horse, William Cockin, Bentley
Bay Horse, Henry Swann, French gt
Bird-in-hand, A. Walker, St Sepulchre gt
Black Bull, John Walker, Market pl
Black Swan, John Stubbs, New st
Blue Bell, Thos. Hopkinson, Baxter gt
Britannia, Edward Hind. Silver st
Brown Cow, William Shaw, French gt
Bulls Head, Peter Godfrey St Sepulchre gt
Cheshire Cheese, Thos. Fevers, Holmes
Coach & Horses, Jos. Hargreaves Scot ln
Cross Keys, Wm. Stones, Market place
Crown & Anchor, W. Naylor, Friendless st
Crown & Cushion. Jos. Jepson, Church street
Dolphin, Joseph Midgley, Magdalen’s
Doncaster Arms. Wm. Whittaker, Bennet
Duke of York, John Edwards, French gate
Dusty Miller, John Aspinall, Marsh gate
Elephant, Charles Teasdale, High st
Falcon, Charles Bailey, Marsh gate
Ferry Boat, Thos. Wood, Sprotbro’ ferry
George & Dragon, Sarah Bailey, Marsh gt
Golden Ball, John Lyell, Spring gardens
Golden Lion, Thos. England, Cross st
Good Woman, Jos. Wright,St Sepulchre gt
Green Dragon, Richd. Branch, High st
Greyhound, Eli Leach, Fisher gate
Horse & Groom,Geo,Egley,St.Sepulchre gt
Horse & Groom, Wm. Morton, E. Laith gt
King Geo.IV. Wm. Rooley, Marsh gate
King’s Head, Js. Trippitt, East Laith gate
Labour in Vain, Wilfra Holdridge,Marsh gt
Leopard, Mary Mandson,St.Sepulchre gt
Lord Nelson, John Brabiner, Corn market
Lord Wellington,SI. Downing, Magdalen’s
Marquis of Granby, Ann Tetley,
St. Sepulchre gate
Mason’s Arms, Jonas Fox, Corn market
Nag’s Head, William Dutchburn,
St. Sepulchre gate
Old George, William Garnett, New st
Old George & Dragon, Joshua Beetham,
St George gate
Old King’s Arms, Robert Whitlam,
St. Sepulchre gate
Plough, Amelia Butterworth, Balby
Plough, Martha Hepworth, New st
Red Lion, William Villrett, Shambles
Rockingham, James Pears, Bennet Thorp
Royal Oak,Ann Nelstrup,Printing Office st
St James’ Tav.Jno.Glossop, St James’ st
Salutation, Thomas Chapman, Hall cross
Saracen’s Head, Wm. Johnson Elleker st
Sedan, John Birtley, Baxter gate
Skinners Arms. Jno.Aspinall, Marsh gate
Star, William Whittaker, St James’ st
Three Cranes, John Bell, Cranes yard
French gate
Three Horse Shoes, George Tinkler,
Doncaster bridge
Three Jolly Blacksmiths, Jno. Parkinson
Silver street
Three Legs of Man, William Burland,
St Sepulchre gate
Union Tavern, Robert Lill, Shambles
Vine, Benjamin Wood, Balby
Volunteer, John Banks, French gate
Wagon & Horses, Jno. Dodson, Loversall
Wheat Sheaf, Wm. Mapplebeck. Sandall
White Bear, John Stainton, Hall gate
White Hart, John Grant, French gate
White Horse, Wm. Bennitt, Market place
White Lion, Jas. Bunning, St. George gate
White Swan, Jno. Sharp, Balby
White Swan, Richd. Venables, French gt
Young Union, Ralph Bell, Silver st


Morley Wm. Sons & Co. (timber
merchants only) Fisher gate
Pillin Robert (& lath) Fisher gate
Robinson George & Co. Fisher gate


Wood & Carr, French gate


Fletcher Elizabeth, French gate
Senior John, Baxter gate
Walker Dorothy, French gate
Wilson Richard, French gate


Bell Joseph, French gate
Bright Philip, High street
Denton John, Cross street
Farrar Joshua, French gate
Fowler George, High street
Lyon Sherwood, French gate
Waring George, French gate


Allen George, Sunny bar
Chadwick William, Warmsworth
Cheetham John, East Laith gate
Field John, Silver street
Fretwell James, St Sepulchre gate
Harrap George, French gate
Hatfield Isaac, Bennet Thorp
Kendell William, Balby
Ledger William, Bentley
Norton William, Bentley
Watts Jonathon, Bentley
Wood Thomas, Sprotbro’
Elliott George, Baxter gate
Farr Robert, Baxter gate
Green Thomas, Scot lane
Smith & Wharham, High street
Tottingham Wm. St. Sepulchre gate


Dey Charles, French gate
Kidson John (spirit only) Goose hill
Maw & Barker, High street
*Morton John, French gate
Nicholson John, New street
Popplewell William, Fisher gate
Robson Richard, Baxter gate
Smith Henry (merchant and wine
manufacturer) Baxter gate
Smith Joseph, Corm market
Wellborne Richard, French gate


Aldam Ts. livery stable keeper, Hall gate
Aldred William, furrier and small ware
dealer, French gate
Armitage William, livery stables, Printing
Office street
Baldwin Robert, whip maker, High street
Barton Ts. chair maker, St Sepulchre gt
Boocock Joseph, engraver & copper plate
printer , Scot lane
Booth Edm.musical intrument makerMeal
Brooks Mary, keeper of the baths
Doncaster bridge
Brunston John, turner, Printing Office st
Bull Jno. horse breaker, &c. Corn market
Cannor Robert, lace dealer, Silver street
Chester John, parish clerk, French gate
Cooper John, slater, Bennet Thorp
Coulter Thomas, sergeant-at-mace to
the corporation, Hall gate
Crowther Samuel, general inspector of
excise, French gate
Eastwood Jos. earthernware dlr, Silver st
Elvidge Wm. rabbit dealer, Corn market
Etchers Williamson, police constable for
the riding, Factory lane
Foster Wm. Whittaker, sheriff’s officer,
Spring gardens
Garland Wm. veterinary surgn. Fisher st
Graham Thomas, cork cutter, French gt
Hammond Benj. pawnbroker, Church st
Hay Simon, artificial flowers, St Peter’s sq
Heppenstall Thomas, patent straw cutter
manufacturer, Silver st
Hepworth Robert, sergeant-at-mace to
the corporation, Spring gardens
Hopkins& Myers, wire workers, High st
Howell John, fellmonger, Balby
Howson George, surveyor of the Bawtry
turnpike road, Princes st
Hoyland Joseph, glover, Meal lane
Kidson John, law solicitor, Goose hill
Mandall Ts. Robinson, coroner, Scot lane
ROOMS, Scot lane- Jas. Fretwell,
Reid Hugh, Preserver of birds, French gate
Scholes Wm. brush manufacturer, French
Sinkinson John Hardy, pattern and clog
maker, Fisher gate
Smallpage William, clerk to the river Don
Spurr James, paper warehouse, French
- John Morton, agent
Thompson Saml. excise officer, Silver
Trueman Wm. provision warehouse, High
Tymms Thos. borough constable, Spring
Volanterio Joshua, optician, High st
Wimberely Wm. coach proprietor, Hall gate
Wrangham - ,supervisor, Spring gardens
Wright James, file smith, Bower’s fold
Wood Richard, coach proprietor, Wood st

COACHES To LONDON, the Royal mail (from Edinburgh) calls at the New Angel every forenoon at twenty
minutes past eleven; goes through Bawtry, Retford, Newark, Grantham, Stamford, Stilton,
Huntingdon and Ware-and the Royal Mail (from Glasgow) at five minutes before 12; goes thro’
Buckden, St. Neots, Biggleswade, Baldock, Stevenage, Hatfield and Barnet-theWellington
(from Edinburgh) every evening at half-past six – the Express (from Edinburgh) calls at the
Rein Deer and Ram Inns, every forenoon at eleven – the Express (from Glasgow) every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at eleven – and the Rockingham (from Leeds) every
day at half-past twelve – the Highflyer (from Edinburgh) calls at the Black Boy, every evening
at half-past six - & the Union (from Leeds) calls at the Old Angel, every evening at half – past
seven, all go the same route as the Edinburgh Mail.

To EDINBURGH, the Royal Mail ( from London) calls at the New Angel, every afternoon at two
– the Wellington , every afternoon at one – the Express, calls at the Rein Deer and Ram Inns,
every morning at half – past three – and the Highflyer, calls at the Black Boy every morning
at five; all go through Ferrybridge, Tadcaster, York, Thirsk, Northallerton, Darlington,
Durham, Newcastle, Morpeth, Alnwick, Beswick, Dunbar and Haddington.

To GLASGOW, the Royal Mail, (from London) calls at the New Angel every afternoon at two,
goes through Ferrybridge, Leeds, Harrogate, Ripon, Catterick Bridge, Appleby, Carlisle, Gretna
Green Ecclefaehan, Lockerby, Beatock Bridge, Elvanfoot, Douglas Mill and Hamilton – and the
Express, calls at the Rein Deer and Ram Inns, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
at half-past three, goes through Ferrybridge, Tadcaster, York, Boroughbridge, Catterick, Gretabridge,
Penrith, Carlisle &c.

To HALIFAX, the Independent, from the Rein Deer and Ram Inns, every day (Sundays
excepted) at twelve; goes through Elmsall, Wakefield, Mirfield, Huddersfield &c.

To HARROGATE, the Rockingham, (from London) calls at the Rein Deer and Ram Inns, every
forenoon at eleven; goes through Ferrybridge and Leeds.

To HULL, the John Bull (from Sheffield) calls at the Black Boy every morning (Sundays
excepted) to suit the tide, arrives at Thorne water side in time for the steam packets; waits
their arrival from Hull and returns to Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield immediately and
the Paul Pry, calls at the NewAngel every morning (Sundays excepted) time according to the
tides; goes through Hatfield, Sandtoft, Beltoft, Belton and Butterwick where it meets the Hull
packets from Gainsborough.

To LEEDS, the Rockingham, (from London) calls at the Rein Deer and Ram Inns every
forenoon at eleven - and the Union, calls at the Old Angel every morning at five; both go
through Ferrybridge &c.

To MANCHESTER, the Old Royal Mail, from the New Angel every morning at six; goes through
Rotherham, Sheffield &c.

To NOTTINGHAM, the Royal Forester, from the Rein Deer & Ram Inns, every Tuesday,
Thursday & Saturday mornings at six; goes through Tickhill, Worksop and Mansfield

To SCARBOROUGH, the Blucher, (from Sheffield) calls at the Rein Deer and Ram Inns, every
morning during the bathing season; goes through York, Malton, &c.

To SHEFFIELD, the John Bull, (from Thorne) calls at the Rein Deer and Ram Inns every
morning (Sundays excepted), time according to the tides – the Commander-in-chief, every
afternoon at four & the Regulator, from the Three Legs of Man, every afternoon at half-past 3

To STAMFORD, the Times, calls at the New Angel and the Hope, calls at the Red Lion every
morning at eight; both go through Bawtry, Tickhill, Retford &c.

To THORNE, the John Bull, (from Sheffield) calls at the Rein Deer and Ram Inns every
morning (Sundays excepted) time according to the tides.

To YORK, the Royal Mail, from the New Angel every afternoon at half-past two; goes through
Hatfield, Thorne, Snaith, Selby, Riccal and Escrick.

To ASKERN, John Clarkson from the Rein Deer and Ram Inns and John Lindley from the
Black Boy daily.

To BARNSLEY, Wm. Archer from the Mail Coach every Saturday afternoon at four.

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