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Doncaster: December 8, 2023, 8:27 pm

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Doncaster Features: Famous Doncastrian: Howard Huntridge

(by Trevor Evans)

"Howard Huntridge lived on Lawn Road, close to Doncaster Grammar School (now Hall Cross). I first met Howard through one of his brothers and later we attended Doncaster Tech College (Now Doncaster College) in Waterdale together.

Howard started off supplementing his income by taking a jobbing actor part as an extra on the then brand new Emmerdale Farm on Yorkshire TV, he also worked as an extra on Coronation Street at one time, and also he served as a DJ and a record producer. He was also instrumental in furthering Paul Daniels career to International stardom.

He met his future wife Angela while at the Tech College and eventually they ended up running the Owl/Bird Sanctuary and a small garden center at Bawtry. His main un-noticed claim to fame though is in his production of many famous TV shows in the UK, many of which he “imported” from other parts of the world and modified for British TV, including “Play your cards right”, “The Price is Right” and “Supermarket Sweep”.

AFAIK Howard is now a senior producer with Freemantle Media. Howard had/has three brothers…Paul, Nicky (who had a driving school in Doncaster), Gerard, who had a car sales place at one time (now St George’s petrol station) so it should be reasonably straight forward to further research his background."

The independent recently said (in their article at

"HOWARD HUNTRIDGE spent his childhood in 1950s Doncaster. There wasn't much to do in 1950s Doncaster, so he and his three brothers would spend their days making up games - something Huntridge has been doing ever since.

Huntridge has become a game show guru. His fascination for and understanding of the format is such that he says he can fast-forward through a new show and tell you exactly what it's about in three minutes. And that's when it's in Dutch, a language he doesn't speak. A Dutch television company was having a few problems with a new show, so it hired Huntridge as trouble-shooter, to give the show a tweak or two and make it work. He saw the contestants occasionally looking mystified, analysed over-complications in the format and just simplified it. 'You can tell what's going wrong through looking at people's eyes. Usually you're right, even if you don't speak the language."

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